Sunday, August 7, 2011

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It is strictly defined as an excessive normal vaginal discharge and it should fulfill the following criteria:
1) the excess secretion is evident from persistent moistness of the vulva or staining of the undergarments,
2) it is non-purulent,
3) since it is non-irritant, it never causes pruritus.

Normal vaginal secretion depends on the estrogen level. So a rise in the level of estrogen eventually causes increased secretion. This rise is seen during puberty, around ovulation and pregnancy.
Some cervical causes of leucorrhea include erosions, chronic cervicitis, polyp and ectropion.

1) Local hygiene is very important.
2) Use of cotton undergarments is recommended.
3) Anxiety of the patient must be relieved through counselling.
4) Treat the possible cause of the leucorrhea.


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