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Abnormal gas under left dome of diaphragm

This is also a case of perforated duodenal ulcer in a 34 yr old lady. Note the rim of gas above the fundal gas.

Gas under diaphragm

Massive  gas under diaphragm was seen in this case of perforated duodenal ulcer. Patient was a 28 yr old male with past history of chronic gastritis. He presented to A&E with acute abdomen. O/E rigidity of abdomen was positive and bowel sound was absent.

Subtotal / total lobectomy, Hemi / subtotal / near total / total thyroidectomy

Subtotal lobectomy : resection of part of a lobe. Total lobectomy : resection of whole of a lobe. Isthmusectomy : resection of the isthmus. Hemi thyroidectomy : total lobectomy + isthmusectomy. Subtotal thyroidectomy : 2 x subtotal lobectomy + isthmusectomy. Near total thyroidectomy : total lobectomy + isthmusectomy + subtotal lobectomy. Total thyroidectomy : 2 x total lobectomy + isthmusectomy.