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Diabetes - 7 keys messages to the patients

1. Diabetes is self-managed. Caring for diabetes is more than just taking a daily pill or doing your insulin injection. It may feel like a burden but the decisions you make about physical activity, what and when you will eat will affect both how you feel today and your future health and well-being. 2. Take diabetes seriously. It is a multi-systemic disorder and indeed needs a lot of care. Since the symptoms and complications take time to appear you may think that it is a simple disease but it is not in reality!!! 3. Learn everything about the disease. Since most of diabetes care is  about self-care, the more you know about it, the better you will be able to manage it. You can control your diabetes rather than letting your diabetes control you. If possible, try to get updated with latest developments in the field and read to drive away myths about the disease. 4. Your treatment will change over time. Treatment of diabetes will eventually change over time. Changes in treatm