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X ray spina bifida occulta

It is the case of a 16-yr old female who came to the emergency department with complaints of low back ache for the past week. She has had similar symptoms in the past but now the intensity is increasing. There is no associated numbness or weakness of extremities. She did not have any weight loss. There was neither urinary nor fecal incontinence. On examination she had an obvious limp. Lumbar spines: mild tenderness lower lumbar spines, no deformity, range of motion was normal, no stigma of spina bifida. Lower limbs length showed a discrepancy of 1.5cm being shorter by 1.5cm on the left side. Left ankle in inversion and with hyperlaxity while left ankle was stiff and with restricted inversion. X-ray of Lumbar Spines showed a spina bifida. Impression of Spina Bifida occulta was made.